Reading was an ardent part of my life and to this day it still is although I have become choosy with what I read and it is mainly elements related to animals, prehistory, supernatural, travel, film, television and music that I enjoy reading about. Still all kinds of genre in literature interest me with favourites being romance, biography and adventure, just to name a few

Why 3 makes me think of 7

It is presumably an Autistic element that when it comes to interests of mine, I cannot think of one without the other. There is nothing eerie or cruel about what comes to mind all of a sudden when it comes to this, but it is a fascinating mystery in a tone of not working up …

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Why the Lion is both grateful and mocking towards the jackal

In Indian fables, the Lion is seen as King of the Jungle (or forest) and he is accompanied by a jackal who is his counterpart or majordomo. Loyally obeying the King without any question or hesitation, the jackal’s advantage in representing the Lion is especially significant when it comes to food since he is tasked …

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Noddy and the Wrongly Convicted

The Noddy books, created by Enid Blyton, follow the adventures of Noddy, a kind-hearted character living in Toyland. Noddy learns valuable lessons about friendship, honesty, and kindness in a whimsical world inhabited by various toy characters like Big Ears the Brownie, Mr. Plod the Policeman, Tessie Bear, and the mischievous goblins Sly and Gobbo. These …

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Autism in Jaws

Jaws, known for its terrifying deaths caused by a massive great white shark and the pursuit of it led by Police Chief Martin Brody, marine biologist Matt Hooper, and shark hunter Quint, is a highly successful film adaptation of Peter Benchley‘s best-selling novel. As a movie fanatic, I believe captivating films are worth revisiting, regardless …

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The real Alladin

Aladdin, one of the world’s most famous stories, follows a young boy’s mundane life until he is tasked with finding a magical lamp housing a life-altering genie. This brings both positive and negative outcomes, driving personal growth and resilience. He battles a sorcerer for the lamp, encountering another genie, ironically in a ring given to …

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