Month: February 2011

Apera – The Wise One

The warriors kept themselves silently veiled behind either bush or tree, their weapons concealed. The evergreen forest was dense and very little light penetrated through the trees. A moa was busy pulling out and swallowing worms from a hole in the grass, unaware of the danger that lurked. Just then one of the warriors threw …

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Leo’s Introspection (Fanfiction of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’)

“Yaaah!” the terrified Winkie guard backed away from the prisoner behind the iron bars as soon as he got near, nervously clutching the glass of milk, now shaking in his hands. His screams were due to the Animal prisoner, a Lion called Leo who eyed him and snarled. “Where is Dorothy?!” thundered the Lion. “Sh-e …

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