The Wolf Man vs The Mummy

Two corrupt gypsy brothers, Danior and Manfir and their best friend Motshan leave their village behind in search of treasure, forbidden by their people as it is an act that can lead to greed, something which is taboo in their culture. They quickly arrive at a graveyard and while Manfir and Motshan keep watch Danior goes into a crypt. A particular tomb catches his eye as it appears Egyptian. Thinking it to contain treasure given its differing appearances from the other tombs in the crypt, Danior opens it, only to find a wrapped body with a decomposed scroll instead. Curiosity gets the better of Danior and he pries the scroll from the body and reads it to the best of his ability. Suddenly, the corpse is brought to life; it is none other than the mummy lord Imhotep, his body having been moved from Egypt after his “death”. The scroll is then restored as a proper paper which Imhotep takes into his hands. As the terrified Danior attempts to escape, his brother and best friend meanwhile are confronted by a watchman who on seeing Danior run out of the crypt, draws his weapons to take the two into custody. However, he is stabbed by a mysterious dagger which Imhotep wields and the undead person revives the watchman as a mummy too. While Danior escapes, both his brother and friend are spared from being stabbed and turned into mummies by Imhotep but they still refuse to work for him, until he hypnotizes them into serving him as sentinels.


One night, businessman Larry Talbot, proceeds to host a corporate party at his manor with his father (Sir) John Talbot to celebrate inheriting the estate. At the party, Larry is introduced to Chinese-American detective Charlie Chan and his ‘number one’ son Lee. Charlie investigated a case in London seven years ago where he saved a man wrongly accused of murder and helped to catch the real culprit before the accused faced a death sentence. Charlie has had some wonderful memories of the United Kingdom and has decided to visit Wales since his first visit to the United Kingdom was London and his son who was unable to accompany him to London due to just finishing college, decided to come with his father to Wales instead. Larry also meets Maleva, the matriarch of a gypsy village who is among the many entertainers of the party. She shows him a wolfdog whose blood sample was taken by her and mixed with the edible liquid of wolfbane. She tells him that if he injects it into himself he will become a werewolf; he refuses at first, familiar with the legends of werewolves and that they are a threat to man, recalling that one was killed in London six years back before he could attack his own wife. Maleva replies that the effects of this antidote are controllable and even as a man-animal, Larry will still be able to talk and think like a normal human. Still, he refuses and tells her to meet him after the party is over so that they can talk in private to which she politely complies and leaves to await the conclusion of the party. Imhotep arrives at the party, disguised as a wrinkled Egyptian archaeologist and anthropologist called “Dr. Kharis Pethomi” , claiming to be visiting London since he has learned so much about it for 20 years. Motshan and Manfri who have accompanied him to the party claim to be his lawyers. Imhotep takes an interest in Gwen Conlife, a close friend of Larry, despite the fact that she is married to another friend of Larry’s, Frank Andrews. Larry feels rather upset on realizing he is single and walks away to the terrace to gather himself though he does contemplate telling Gwen and Frank that he wishes he was in a relationship like they are. Imhotep secretly follows Larry onto the terrace and reaches into his pocket to draw his dagger hoping to kill and mummify him. Just then he is interrupted by a waiter who asks him what he would like to drink. Imhotep draws him into a private room and kills him, reanimating him as a mummy. This act makes up for Imhotep’s failure in trying to mummify Larry. The new mummy while attempting to make his way out of the party without being seen, scares (Sir) John who narrates the incident to his son. By now having withdrawn his emotions from being single, Larry has additionally been thinking about the name Petohmi and deduces it to have something to do with an Egyptian high priest called Imhotep who was also responsible for constructing the first Egyptian pyramids. Realizing that the name is Imhotep spelt backwards, Larry goes to look for Imhotep but the mummy lord has left the party and by the time Larry reaches the gate, all he sees is a white cat running across the road. After guest has left, Larry is revisited by Maleva who persuades and convinces him to try out the Werewolf medicine that she told him about. Transforming into a hairy beast with the traits and sounds of a wolf, Larry realizes that he can talk properly in the form of a werewolf. Maleva gives him another antidote, one that transforms him back to his human self. Soon for the next five nights. Larry has the time of his life, roaming the nearby forest and certain areas of the town in his wolf-like form before returning to his home where he injects the other antidote into himself that turns him back to a human. His appearance frighten many townspeople who are out at night but he charms them and wins their confidence over with his gentleman like and polite attitude and soon becomes known as ‘the wolf man’. However Imhotep begins killings tons of innocent people out at night and those victims are resurrected as mummies, pledging themselves to him. Because Imhotep is normal by daytime as is Larry, journalists who have knowledge of the wolfman began to suspect that the werewolf is the one responsible for the killings and reanimating of those killed although there is at first no connection between Larry and the werewolf neither is there any evidence to prove that he has supernatural powers yet the wolfman is still a suspect in the killings. Eventually, one night while out in his werewolf form to have a further understanding of these killings and the reviving of the victims as the undead, Larry encounters face-to-face Imhotep who invites him to join him in his quest for world domination beginning with Wales but the werewolf refuses. This causes a fight between both werewolf and mummy and the latter has the upper hand until the sun is about to rise which forces Larry to flee and resume his human form before the mummy can kill him.


Larry comes under public pressure when Police Chief Colonel Paul Montford suspects him of being the werewolf due to footprints found near the Talbot property. However, Larry’s father, Maleva, Charlie Chan, and his son vouch for his innocence and firmly defend him. One night, Larry while out prowling in his werewolf form is attacked by Paul and the police, but he manages to escape, unaware that Imhotep kills them and turns them into mummies. Maleva gathers the Talbot and Chan clans and reveals Imhotep’s history and evil deeds; he was one a high priest who prior to his service under the pharaoh was responsible for designing the first pyramids in Egypt. However a few years into his new career as the high priest he entered (into) a secret romantic affair with the pharaoh’s daughter Princess Ankh-es-en-Amon. When she died of a mysterious disease, he attempted to revive her with a scroll known as the ‘Scroll of Thoth’ that belonged to the pharaoh and was forbidden to touch by anyone but the pharaoh himself. When Imhotep was caught using the scroll to revive his love, he was condemned to live-burial by having his tongue cut out and wrapped and buried alive with the scroll after the pharaoh found out that Imhotep loved his daughter. Imhotep’s tomb was discovered in 1921 by a scientific team consisting of Dr Muller, Sir Joseph Whemple and their assistant Ralph Norton, the latter of whom accidently revived Imhotep by unearthing the scroll and reading it. Imhotep then saw the reincarnation of his love in an Egyptian-English woman Helen Grosvenor who was dating Sir Joseph’s son Frank. Being knowledgeable in paranormal sciences, Dr Muller convinced a sceptical Sir Joseph to burn the scroll which was in their custody for some time now. However, Imhotep murdered Sir Joseph before he could burn the scroll and then kidnapped Helen with plans to sacrifice her and revive her as a mummy, Dr Muller led a rescue with Frank which resulted in Helen remembering her past life and praying to the Goddess Isis who laid Imhotep’s soul to rest by burning the scroll of Thoth. Following the marriage of Helen and Frank, Dr Muller ordered Imhotep’s tomb and his remains to be shipped away to Wales, with hopes that Imhotep would never be able to terrorize Egypt again. Dr. Muller’s team accidentally revives Imhotep, who seeks to sacrifice Helen Grosvenor to revive his love. With the help of Frank, Dr Muller and Helen’s past-life memories, Imhotep was defeated by the Goddess Isis, and his remains were shipped away to London at the orders of Dr Muller so that the mummy would never terrorise Egypt again. Danior walks in and confesses his involvement but is forgiven by Maleva, joining the battle against Imhotep.


One evening, while Gwen and her fiancée are out on a date, they are about to return home when they are captured by Manfri and Motshan who immediately take them to Imhotep. The mummy lord is satisfied since now he has Gwen with him and orders Frank to be wrapped and buried alive since his name reminds Imhotep of his old enemy Frank Whemple whose love was the reincarnation of Imhotep’s old love. Despite being an all-powerful being, Imhotep knowing he cannot find his old love again, decides to make Gwen his new bride, hoping to sacrifice her soul and revive her as a mummy so they can rule Wales after making the entirety of it undead together. Picking up on Imhotep’s captured hostages, Larry injects himself with the wolf medicine and after going off to stop Imhotep and rescue his friends, Maleva gives Bela, Danior, Sir John Charlie Chan and his son a figure of Isis as well as a gun armed with bullets containing a potion that can restore Imhotep’s victims as humans again. The same wolfdog whose blood Maleva used to concoct the wolf-transforming antidote is also taken along as he can help them in fighting their enemies since Imhotep’s allies have multiplied into a giant army. Before leaving, Maleva instructs the team to burn Imhotep’s scroll as it is the only way to stop him. Meanwhile Larry in his werewolf form arrives at the crypt where Imhotep’s minions gather in their numbers. Although the werewolf fights bravely, multiple mummies coming at him from all sides are too much to bear. They manage to overpower him and are about to carry him to Imhotep but Larry’s friends turn up and save him by opening fire on the mummified people and restoring them to life as humans. While Bela, Danoir, Charlie, Lee Sir John and Larry continue to engage and redeem Imhotep’s victims, Larry pushes on in search of Imhotep. By the end of the battle between Larry’s friends and Imhotep’s minions, the victims are returned to their human forms, and Paul Montford who along with his colleagues is back to normal as well leads everyone out of the crypt. Larry arrives just in time to see Imhotep attempting to sacrifice Gwen’s soul and revive her as a mummy. Overpowering Manfir and Motshan who attempt to hold back him from disrupting the ritual, the werewolf manages to free Gwen of her hypnotic trance and picks up the scent of Frank whom he frees by breaking open his tomb and freeing him from his wrappings, allowing him and Gwen to escape. Sending Manfir and Motshan after Gwen and Frank, the mummy lord carries on his battle against the wolf man and once again has the advantage over him. Bela, Danior, Sir John Charlie and his son arrive just in time to see Imhotep about to stab the wolf man who has been beaten almost to a pulp. Charlie Chan fires at Imhotep but the bullet’s contents have no effect as Imhotep has been dead for centuries. Lee is enraged when Imhotep charges at his father and knocks him down so he gets in between his father and Imhotep and shines his Isis figure at the mummy which repulses him and prevents him from harming Charlie or Lee. Sir John, hits Imhotep and receives a bit of pain himself because the mummy cannot feel any pain by mortal hands. Maleva’s wolfdog engages Imhotep, causing him to take his cat form that was seen by Larry on the night of his party. The two animals fight although the latter has the upper hand and gradually the mummified cat has the wolfdog at his mercy. The agony of seeing the wolfdog in pain enrages Larry and regaining his strength on seeing a nearly distraught Maleva who is unable to bear the sight of seeing her dog in pain, he knocks Imhotep to the ground and saves Maleva’s dog much to her delight. During the struggle, Larry is unable to pry the scroll which has been in Imhotep’s arms for the whole while but it is eventually dropped by the mummy lord who is too busy trying to fight off the wolfman and is distracted from holding the scroll. At once Bela with Danior’s help, uses a gypsy fire to set the scroll ablaze and Imhotep crumbles into bones and then into dust as he did 20 years ago. This also frees Manfri and Motshan from his control and while chasing Gwen and Frank across the graveyard are confronted by Paul who has returned with his police team.


Believing that Manfri and Motshan are responsible for the crimes that the wolf man was blamed for, the two are arrested and sent to prison while the Wolfman is cleared of all charges. Danior severs ties with his brother and Motshan, stating that they were the ones who led him astray in going against gypsy tradition of not giving in to the temptations of gold. Maleva takes the dust that is the only source of Imhotep’s body and immerses it in her gypsy fire, vowing that Imhotep will never return to the world again and that he is finally able to rest in peace. Shortly after Charlie Chan and his son depart from Wales, Larry resumes his nightly prowls and interacts in a friendly but animalistic way with people. However, he knows that as far as a relationship is concerned, no woman would ever want to be with a man who has a tendency to become a beast by night. He also believes that he may eventually be found out by people who may be able to rightly deduce that he and the wolf man are one and the same so he gives up his life as an animal and the wolf man is never seen again following which Larry inherits his father’s estate while Maleva respect his decision not to take on the form of a wolf. A few days later at the wedding of Frank and Gwen, Larry asks Gwen’s friend Jenny out on a date and she accepts


The End

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