Queen of the Footclan (Fan-Fiction) – A Ninja Turtles Story

It was a usual day in New York City. April O’Neal, reporter for Channel 6 News was heading home after a busy day at the office and stopped off at a store to buy some books. As she searched through for something new and interesting, she caught sight of a large purple book. What was unique about it was that its cover contained a large foot-like symbol.

“This book looks rather unique” she said to herself. She looked around to make sure no-one was watching for she had to have this book. No-one was watching so she picked up the book and set off for the counter where she purchased it. By the time she got home, April was so tired that she put the book away in her cupboard and went to bed.
Shredder scowled at his henchmen, Rocksteady and Bebop. “So you did nothing but watch while Ms. O’Neal took the book?!” Rocksteady quickly defended, “Boss we did send you a message regarding the fact that the girl got the book!”. Shredder dismissed the importance of messages, insisting they should have seized her outside the shop. Bebop argued that they would have been caught, but then Krang, the sinister frog-like alien, intervened. “Now redeem yourselves of your mistake go and retrieve the book from its owner and you will be pleased to know that she is at her own home”.


“This is a book regarding a great evil which both you and I know of April” Master Splinter revealed to the Turtles and Casey as well as April. “Master Splinter look!” said Leonardo as he caught sight of April’s arm. On seeing the tattoo, Splinter said “April, wash this off at once!”. April did as she was told but the tattoo would not come off, no matter what she did. She returned to Splinter and told him of the crisis. Rocksteady and Bebop stormed in, causing a chaotic chase. With Splinter’s help, Casey Leonardo and Donatello fended off Bebop but Rocksteady began to pursue April to the point that even Raphael and Donatello could not stop him. No matter how fast she ran, the Rhinoceros ran faster. April managed to get into an alley but was cornered by Rocksteady. “Too slow sweetie! There’s nowhere to run. Now hand over the book!”. “Help anybody!” All of a sudden as April uttered these words of panic, she and Rocksteady and April heard swift and sudden movements, Shredder’s ninja minions stood in their presence. Expecting that they would capture April and his mission would be complete, Rocksteady was surprised to see the Ninjas turning against him when one kicked him in his shin while two others attacked him from behind, hitting him in the back and another tripped him off his feet. Puzzled and frightened, Rocksteady ran off. This situation left April puzzled about their intentions.                        


Back at Krang’s base, both Rocksteady and Bebop having sustained heavy injuries and covered in bandages, appeared before Shredder in embarrassment and feeling humiliated, told him of what happened. “I’m telling you, it was the Foot Clan Ninjas who did this to me” said Rocksteady as he held his head in dizziness. “You’re lucky you got kicked by a bunch of ninjas” said Bebop, his face looking as bandaged as Rocksteady’s “It would be far better to fight them than those Turtles”. “The ninjas of the Footclan do only what I tell them. Are you suggesting it was my fault!” thundered an insulted Shredder. Then he called “Come minions!” but nothing happened for not as many of the ninjas showed up as before. “Clearly the turtles are using the book against me” sneered Shredder. He looked back at his men and thundered again “I don’t care how you do it, but (get me) back my book!”                                                                                                                                                  


The next morning, April having rested to shake off the previous day’s mysterious events, got up and ready for work. As she brushed her teeth, she felt rather lazy to make her breakfast and mumbled, “Wish someone else could make my breakfast for me”. All of a sudden, the Foot Clan Ninjas appeared before her. “Whoa!” she yelled in surprise and put up a blow-dryer in defence. However one of the Ninjas showed her a bowl of porridge and another toast with bacon and eggs (as well as sausage) and two others, orange juice and coffee. “Breakfast?” thought April aloud. The Ninjas nodded. “This isn’t a dream is it?” thought April “If it were there’d be Pizza”. All at once, one of the ninjas showed her a box of Meatlovers Pizza. April looked at her tattoo and then at the ninjas. “So it’s thanks to my tattoo that I have your help” she deduced. Very soon, she found herself being fed by her new ninjas who later dressed her for work. Before she left she replied “Now this has to be our little secret. Clearly Splinter, Casey and the Turtles wouldn’t want me having your help”. The ninjas nodded and vanished into the shadows.


At work that day, everyone noticed that April’s tattoo seemed to have gotten brighter than before. She could not understand why. As she came back home from work that day, she noticed that she could see for miles, longer than what her usual sight was and could not understand how that was possible. Within range, she saw Rocksteady and Bebop again! They were breaking out of her apartment window and they had her book! April unleashed an anger which she had never felt in her life and Shredder’s ninjas popped up once again before they began to spank the Rhinoceros and the Warthog. Casey who had been skateboarding in the street, stopped in alarm when he saw what was going on. He called up Donatello. “Guys, get Splinter and meet me at April’s place! I think something’s wrong here!” The tussle ended when both Rocksteady and Bebop leapt away and called for an underground rocket to rescue them and take them back to their headquarters under the ground. “April are you alright? You look a little different in colour” remarked Casey as he ran up to her. Indeed she was looking a little purple. The ninjas, believing Casey to be April’s enemy, surrounded him but April ordered them to stand down. “It’s alright, he’s one of us” she said calmly.


“You can’t have them as your minions April” remarked Leonardo at April’s apartment. “But I have control over them” said April “See” and she pointed out that the ninjas made no move without her command. She also pointed out that they had managed to fix whatever Bebop and Rocksteady broke in the apartment “Look April” said Raphael “These are Shredder’s minions and surely you don’t want to have a bad influence because of him. Now Master Splinter has concocted a potion that could hopefully reverse the effects of this tattoo”. “Indeed” said Splinter as he arrived with a bottle with a liquid which appeared to be a seeming pink colour. “This potion I have made will remove your tattoo April. Now hold still” and he proceeded to splash the potion on April’s arm but she yelled “Get back!”, making her entire apartment shake. Her minions bowing before her as she boomed “I am now Queen of the Footclan” and her minions held her and using a special powder, they vanished, taking April with them as she laughed sinisterly. “April has gone over to the dark side!” thought Casey aloud.

Back at Krang’s headquarters, Shredder cursed his henchmen for not getting his book after they told him about what happened. “So you are telling me that the Turtles still have the book and the girl still controls most of my minions!”. All of a sudden, they were interrupted by a sinister woman at whose side stood some of Shredder’s minions. “Wh-o or wh-at are y-ou” mumbled Krang?. “I am Queen” declared April “And every Queen needs a Palace”. Very soon, the headquarters were looking just like the insides of an ancient palace. April opened the book that had led to her receiving her tattoo which made her take upon herself the title that she claimed to be of. “I cannot understand a thing in this book” said April. Shredder stepped forward and said “Your highness, you are aware that even though you claim to be Queen, I am the real ruler of the Foot Clan”. “Your point is?!” sneered April. Knowing that he should not dare to challenge such a dangerous foe, Shredder remarked “I am merely suggesting that with you around, the Foot Clan should have two leaders, one you and the other me”. “Why should I trust you?” asked April. “If you do, I will teach you the secrets of this book” came her answer.

The next day, a heartbroken Casey went to the Turtles’ home and sat there for hours with Splinter and the Turtles who like him said nothing for they missed April too much. Then Leonardo read the papers and exclaimed “Look!”. It said that a recent robbery occurred in which all of the cash had gone missing from the bank. “I have no doubt that this is the work of April. Thanks to her transformation, Shredder and the Footclan have an advantage!”. “We’ll investigate Master Splinter” yelled Leonardo. That night, the turtles looked through every nook and cranny of the bank for clues. They disguised themselves as detectives but had managed to sneak in through an open window as the bank had closed for the day due to the recent robbery. The only clues they had were of footprints that they deduced were those of Shredder’s Ninjas. Meanwhile, as he slept, Casey had a horrible dream, he saw Shredder doing an Irish tap dance on stage and was joined by April (in the form she was in at present) while the background dancers were Shredder’s ninja minions. The dance was done in talent and devotion and at the end, the Foot Clan received a standing ovation. At that, Casey woke up horrified before gathering himself and saying “I must find a way to reach your inner self with our friends’ help April or we will lose you to evil forever. Having said that, if anything happens to you, you’re not going alone. I’m going with you”.


All of the sudden the bank doors kicked open and in burst a bearded African-American man who aimed his pistol at them “Put your hands on your head and step out of the bank!” he yelled. Michelangelo immediately threw off his disguise and drew his weapons but his brothers stopped him at once. The man lowered his weapon and tried to talk to the Turtles as if he recognized them but Michelangelo jumped at him knocking him out of the bank. His brothers caught up to him and pulled him off.. The man got up to his feet. “The Ninja Turtles?” he ponderingly questioned. “Detective Alex Cross?” asked Leonardo in the same tone. The next day Detective Alex Cross soon found himself sitting in the underground home of the Turtles listening to all that had happened. Casey had already informed everyone of his horrific dream. Being one of the public who was well aware of them, their struggle against the Foot Clan was nothing new to Alex but he was shocked to know that one of their dear friends was now on the side of the Foot Clan “So you’re telling me anchorwoman Ms April O’Neal has been kidnapped by Shredder?” he asked. “Worse I am afraid Alex” said Splinter “She has allied herself with him”. Alex asked “Do you think there’s a chance that she stole some money from that bank?”. “It seems so indeed” replied Casey. “Allow me to join you on your quest to stop Shredder” said Cross and got to his feet”. “Very well then Alex” said Splinter “Yet you will need weapons capable of rivalling the leader of the Foot Clan. Gather close everyone, I have a plan” as he held up the potion that would save April.


Meanwhile deep under the ground in the vehicle which served as the Foot Clan’s hideout as well as that of Krang, April found herself sitting on a throne, Shredder by her side with his minions bowing low before her. Rocksteady and Bebop were also in the same position as Krang watched from his walker. “How does it feel your highness to be a leader of the Foot?” asked Shredder. “Tis’ indeed a privilege” replied April. “Now will you help me understand what the book which made me what I am means? “Beware!” Shredder blurted out all of a sudden and pointed to what looked like one of the ninjas about to take away the book whose cover was responsible for April’s transformation. “Traitor! After him!” yelled April. At once several other ninjas grabbed the stealer. April got to her knees, but Shredder requested she stay seated as she was only new to her rule. He walked over to the intruder and instructed that his mask be removed. One of the Ninjas removed the intruder’s mask and lo and behold! It was Casey Jones. “Well boys an impostor in our midst!” scowled Krang and Shredder drew his sword.
Casey threw off both the ninjas holding him and drew a potion bottle that he would use to try to save April. But just as he leapt towards her, one of the ninjas knocked him down in mid-air resulting in the bottle being broken and its contents spilled useless. Knowing he could at least take the book with him and use it to try and save April, Casey performed a technique that the Turtles once taught him, running up onto a railing some 13 meters above him, taking the book along as he rid himself of his Ninja Disguise. Yet he underestimated Shredder’s knowledge of that tactic and soon the leader of the Footclan caught up to him and faced him on the railing. “The book! Hand it over!” thundered Shredder as he drew his sword. “I just want the girl” said Casey as he drew a sword of his own. “She’s one of us now!” yelled Shredder and soon his blade met Casey’s and the two engaged in a fearsome duel. All of a sudden, there was a new conflict as the Turtles themselves arrived and engaged the Footclan Ninjas as well as Krang’s own rock soldiers.
Alex Cross also arrived, leading a team of detectives from the department that he was part of, and simply shot at Shredder’s minions with his pistol although at times, he too used a sword that he was given to fight the ninjas. Then he drew a rifle that he had brought along and used that instead, feeling it to be more effective than his pistol. His team also used guns as well as swords that the Turtles and Splinter had provided them with. Meanwhile, back on the railing, Casey and Shredder were going nowhere in their battle. Their faces soon neared each other as their blades clashed in mid-air. You can do nothing without the book!” roared Shredder “I already have the book!” said Casey, unsure of what Shredder meant”. “No you don’t Ha! Ha!” laughed Shredder and revealed that he had stolen the book right out of Casey’s arms. “So you have” said Casey and returned to clashing his sword against his rival again. This time he aimed for Shredder’s arm which had the book and cut him, causing the book to be thrown from his arm and back into Casey’s arms. Yelling in pain from the cut, Shredder struck back but Casey blocked his attack so hard that it caused Shredder to lose grip of his sword which he dropped. Casey then felt he could wound Shredder right then and there again so he directed his sword towards Shredder but the Footclan leader blocked it with the claws he wore that were a part of his armour and receiving it, he broke the blade from its handle.
Shredder now saw a weak spot in his opponent and intimidated him with scowls, causing Casey to lose his footing and fall. Shredder caught the book, but Casey held on. With a powerful throw, a frustrated Shredder sent Casey flying towards Bebop’s swinging rope. Casey used his catapult to knock Bebop off as he said “Get your own rope rhino!”, and then aimed carefully at Shredder, hitting his hand and making him drop the book. Michelangelo arrived and grabbed the book which had fallen on and knocked out one of the ninjas but had a brief scuffle against one of Krang’s soldiers for the book. Alex Cross intervened with a blast, allowing Michelangelo to continue with the book after the soldier was blown to bits. Krang picked up Shredder’s fallen sword and Shredder who had just gotten there sliced up Krang’s walker in anger and walked away in search of the book despite knowing that Krang was more powerful than him and he was not held back by Krang’s anger in having been disrespected.


Michelangelo meanwhile had tougher luck as a ninjas had caught him, causing the book to fall away from his grasp once more and he was not sure of where it had fallen for his attention was focused on his struggle to get loose. Shredder’s patience wore thin as he fought his way through a battling crowd to get to his book. Casey meanwhile found himself swinging from pillar to post trying to avoid both ninjas and Krang’s soldiers. On seeing that Rocksteady was swinging towards him from the front and Bebop (who had indeed found another swinging rope) from behind, Casey ducked and that resulted in the both of them getting tangled up in their own ropes. He continued swinging and soon jumped to where Shredder had found the book. Casey drew his sword but already knew it was broken. Shredder chuckled and chased him and Casey could do no more than try to avoid the Footclan leader’s blade as Shredder grabbed his book. Meanwhile, Alex Cross having had an advantage with his rifle soon found it empty when he blew away a ninjas and tried to take aim at another one approaching him. All he could do was hit the Ninja with the rifle’s end and took up his pistol again, dividing his defence between both his pistol and his sword and very soon, he was starting to enjoy the use of the latter. Back at Casey and Shredder’s battle, Casey pulled out his hockey stick and swung it at Shredder. Although he hit Shredder a few times, Shredder broke his weapon with his sword and kicked him aside. “It seems that victory is mine” sneered Shredder as he pointed his sword at Casey’s throat. All of a sudden a gunshot rang out and Shredder felt something bump against his helmet. Looking down on the ground, he saw a bullet and turning in the direction of the gunshot, he saw Alex Cross aiming his pistol at him. “So the famous Alex Cross eh?” he remarked as he faced him”. “Back away from him!” yelled Alex. “Very well then” said Shredder as he pointed his sword at the Detective “But you are still to realize that the blade of a sword is more effective than the bullet of a gun”. Alex put away his pistol at once “I’ve always known that, but came prepared” and he drew a sword of his own which Splinter had provided him with. At once, the two engaged each other in a head-on battle. Neither was able to overcome the other even though it was the first time that Alex had actually used a sword. Believing Shredder would be too strong for Alex, Leonardo joined the detective and fought the Foot Clan master as well. It was an advantage for Alex Cross to have a Ninja Turtle join the battle as he managed to overcome Shredder more while Leonardo distracted Shredder.


Michelangelo, surrounded by ninjas, struggled to regain the book which fell out of his grip again as he fought. Casey swung through the chaos, avoiding both ninjas and Krang’s soldiers. On seeing that Rocksteady was swinging towards him from the front and Bebop (who had indeed found another swinging rope) from behind, Casey ducked and that resulted in the both of them getting tangled up in their own ropes. He continued swinging and soon jumped to where Shredder had found the book. Casey drew his sword but already knew it was broken. Chuckling Shredder charged Casey could do no more than try to avoid the Foot Clan leader’s blade as Shredder reclaimed his book. Meanwhile, Alex Cross faced the ninjas with his rifle. Out of ammo, he switched to a pistol and sword, engaging Shredder. Casey’s hockey stick shattered, and Shredder had the upper hand until Alex arrived and with Leonardo’s help helped Alex overcome Shredder.


Meanwhile on seeing that her entire ‘palace’ had turned into a battleground, April sneered . Realizing that they had nearly forgotten what they came for, Raphael leapt towards April, drawing a potion bottle that he hoped to use to free her from her evil self  he was knocked out of the air by Shredder’s ninjas who held him firmly and his potion bottle broke. April was so focused on the battle that she did not realize another ninja who appeared to be female had come right next to her and had a bottle similar to the ones that the others had. This ninjas opened the bottle and emptied its contents onto April’s tattoo, effectively ceasing it. Seeing that her tattoo was fading, April let out a horrifying “Nooooo!”. All at once the battle stopped. Knowing that April was in danger, Shredder commanded his minions to stop the Turtles but to the surprise of all participants of the battle, April with her remaining power instead instructed the ninjas to destroy the book that was responsible for what she was and one of them on seeing that Shredder had it, threw an explosive that reduced the book to ashes. Shredder taking his attention away from the now-destroyed book saw Leonardo leaping towards him and kicking him into one of the rockets that the Footclan used to get away from under the ground and to the surface of the Earth. The rocket immediately took Shredder up where he sat grumbling on the ground as he emerged. Back at the Footclan hideout, Krang found himself about to be hit by Donatello’s stick, only for one of his soldiers to rescue him in time. “There’s no time for all this! Let’s get out of here!” yelled Leonardo as he helped April to her feet then he and the other Turtles, along with Casey, Alex, the detectives and the mysterious female Ninja all grabbed whatever the Footclan had stolen and before they could be stopped, took another rocket and headed to the surface. As they emerged Alex said “I’d better get the money that was taken back to the bank as soon as possible” Leonardo nodded though his attention was soon drawn on seeing Shredder grumbling over his loss as he rose from where he fell. The female Ninja kicked him back into the rocket which brought him to the surface and it took him down again. Shredder was in for a nasty audience as he returned to his hideout, as Krang, now carried by one of his soldiers came towards him angrily, stating that he was to be punished for abusing him by knocking him out of his walker.


Meanwhile, amidst the chaotic battleground, April cheered “Marvellous, great entertainment!” at the spectacle. Raphael rushed towards her with a potion bottle yelling “I’m coming April aaah!”, but he was stopped by Shredder’s ninjas, causing the bottle to break. Unnoticed by April, a female ninja appeared, holding a similar bottle. She splashed its content over April’s tattoo to nullify it,  prompting a horrifying reaction from April who screamed “Noooo!”. Knowing that April was in danger, Shredder commanded his minions to stop the Turtles but to the surprise of all participants of the battle, April with her remaining power instead instructed the ninjas to destroy the book as it was responsible for her condition and the Ninjas succeeded by destroying it with an explosive. Leonardo then confronted Shredder, sending him flying with a powerful kick into one of the rockets that the Foot Clan used to get away from under the ground and to the surface of the Earth. The rocket immediately took Shredder up where he sat grumbling on the ground as he emerged. ack at the Footclan hideout, Krang found himself about to be hit by Donatello’s stick, only for one of his soldiers to rescue him in time. “There’s no time for all this! Let’s get out of here!” yelled Leonardo to Donatello as he helped April to her feet then he and the other Turtles, along with Casey, Alex, the detectives and the mysterious female Ninja all grabbed whatever the Foot Clan had stolen and before they could be stopped. As they returned to the surface, they found a grumbling Shredder and thanks to a kick from the mysterious female Ninja, he was sent back into the rocket and back to the hideout of the Foot Clan as he faced the wrath of Krang (assisted by one of his soldiers) for disrespecting him.


“Who are you?” asked Leonardo. The female Ninja removed her mask, revealing herself as Lotus, a former ally of Shredder who chose to leave the Footclan after she found Leonardo a worthy ally. “Lotus?!” the Turtles remarked. “Splinter told me of what happened” she said “I am pleased that this mission is complete”. “Indeed” said a familiar voice coming from the alleys and Splinter arrived. “The Footclan and Shredder along with Krang are still at large but we are pleased to have you back April”. Now having recovered, April embraced Casey who returned her affection as Alex, the Detectives Lotus and the Turtles watched proudly with Splinter while the couple engaged in a passionate kiss.

The End


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