Cat People (1982) Prologue

The Sun began to set low over the horizon casting a warm golden hue upon the land. Soon it commenced its descent, dipping lower and lower, gradually nearing the horizon. The dwindling light of day bestowed a reddish-brown tint upon the expanse of sand, imbuing it with a captivating, almost otherworldly glow. Positioned beneath the gnarled, leafless branches of a solitary tree, there knelt a figure of pure majesty – a resplendent black panther, his sleek form exuding an air of regal strength. Adjacent to this grand creature’s presence, a cave nestled beneath the tree’s roots, served as the panther’s sanctuary and lair.

With a resounding and powerful roar that resonated through the quieting landscape, the panther acknowledged the encroaching dusk, recognizing that the time had come for the commencement of his evening endeavours, activities that would seamlessly carry forth into the shroud of night. Emboldened by the arrival of twilight, he embarked on a journey of exploration, his majestic silhouette gracefully traversing the terrain surrounding the ancient tree, an area he claimed as his own dominion.

A few miles distant, within a quaint village, a group of men engaged in the task of drawing water from a well. Simultaneously, the canine denizens of the village were generously supplied with freshly offered meat to satiate their appetites. Once the succulent meat had been devoured, the resourceful dogs occupied themselves by gnawing on the remaining bones, utilizing every last morsel.

As time progressed, additional men in the villager rallied to assist their compatriots in the well-drawing task. Remarkably, a contingent of women also joined the labour, managing this while simultaneously supervising their playful offspring. In a sudden and shocking turn of events, a warrior from the village abruptly seized hold of a woman’s arm, forcibly wrenching her away from her surroundings and into the presence of his comrades. These men, their bodies adorned with vibrant paint marks that covered them from head to toe, embarked on a peculiar journey with the captive woman. Eventually, their path led them to a stark, leaf-stripped tree, to which they securely bound her. Having concluded their peculiar task, they departed the scene, leaving her in solitude.


However, amidst the warriors who enacted this perplexing scene stood a wise figure dressed in flowing robes. This mystic, distinguished by his attire, remained behind as a silent guardian, maintaining a vigilant distance while keeping watch over the bound woman for despite the adversity she found herself in, it became evident that her captors, with all their actions, had no intentions of subjecting her to harm. This intent was so strongly held that they entrusted the mystic with the responsibility of safeguarding her well-being, underscoring the unique dynamics at play within this intriguing tableau.


As the sun descended below the horizon, casting elongated shadows across the land, the panther retraced his steps back to the very tree he had ventured from earlier. In parallel, the woman’s thoughts meandered, contemplating the unfolding events and speculating about the duration of her captive state. The panther’s approach towards the tree was deliberate and purposeful, each stride echoing with a deep resonance as he left imposing pawprints etched in the soft sand. With a seamless grace, the swarthy animal reached his destination, locking his gaze upon the woman situated under the tree’s embrace. However, instead of aggression coming from his heart, he refused to attack her and felt compelled to approach her in a respectable a remarkable manner which he did. Upon ascending onto his hind legs, he leaned gently into the contours of the woman’s form, and an unexpected tenderness emanated from the beast’s action as he tenderly brushed against the woman’s body. A deliberate movement ensued, the panther adopting a soothing, rhythmic cadence as he moved gently against her, the sensation evoking an astonishing sense of ease. Astonishingly, any discomfort that might have been expected from the woman seemed non-existent, replaced by a sensation of unexpected solace, one that she was inexplicably drawn to.


Time flowed without urgency, this enigmatic interaction unfurling for an extended duration. Gradually, the panther’s motions began to exhibit traces of weariness, his lithe movements giving way to the inevitable pull of exhaustion. Thus, he retreated into his caved sanctuary, a secluded lair where slumber awaited him. Simultaneously, the woman’s eyelids succumbed to the embrace of sleep, their respective states of restful surrender coinciding. As the first rays of dawn stretched their fingers across the sky, the warriors returned, their presence heralding the end of the woman’s captivity. United with the mystic who possessed an aura of ancient knowledge, they unbound the woman, freeing her from the constraints that had held her. The journey back to their village ensued, marked by a blend of relief and intrigue that stirred within the woman.


Morning’s light returned her to the vicinity of the very tree that had been the stage for these extraordinary events. The mystic who seemed to be a guide between worlds, accompanied her towards the cave leading beneath the tree’s roots. Within this subterranean haven, a scene awaited that transcended her wildest imaginings. Poised upon a rugged stone perch, the panther, the mystifying protagonist of her dreams, assumed a regal stance.


Their eyes met, a connection unspoken yet profound, as the boundaries between woman and panther seemed to blur. The deep, resonant growl of the panther resonated, not as a sign of threat, but as a welcoming symphony, echoing through the cavernous expanse. Locked in this gaze, the woman’s self-perception began to shift, an uncanny sense of affinity blossoming within her core.


This shared connection, once initiated by curiosity and circumstance, now burgeoned into a transformative bond. With each heartbeat, the woman felt a melding of her essence with the untamed spirit before her, a convergence of human and feline that defied logic. And as the sun’s tender light continued to fill the underground chamber, a new chapter commenced—an enchanting tale of unity and metamorphosis, where the boundaries of identity seemed to ebb and flow like the tides…..




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